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ALLISON PARK – Rep. Hal English is sponsoring a Fall Cleanup shredder event on Oct. 20. The event will be held in the parking lot of his district office at 4290 William Flinn Highway, in Allison Park, from 9-11:30 a.m.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Hal English (Allegheny County) issued the following statement today:
HARRISBURG - In a commonsense measure, the House unanimously endorsed legislation authored by Rep. Hal English (Allegheny) that would allow students to apply sunscreen and use other sun-protective clothing during school hours or school-sponsored activities.
HARRISBURG – Legislation authored by Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny), which would increase the rights of crime victims to be present during criminal courtroom proceedings, recently passed the House. House Bill 1974 now moves on to the Senate.
HARRISBURG – Legislation, House Bill 359, introduced by Reps. Hal English (R-Allegheny) and Bill Kortz (D-Allegheny), has unanimously passed the House and Senate. This legislation amends title 34 relating to license revocations resulting from game violations. The bill now heads to the governor for his signature.
ALLISON PARK – More than $179,243 in grants has been awarded to 16 volunteer fire and ambulance companies in the 30th District, Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny) announced today.
SHALER TWP. - A $300,000 grant has been awarded to help Shaler Township renovate Fall Run Park after it suffered storm damage last year, Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny) announced today.
HAMPTON TWP. – A grant totaling a half-million dollars will help Hampton Township improve its sewer system and better serve its customers, Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny) announced today.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny) announced today that Richland Township will receive a $192,400 grant to plug two gas wells which pose a health and safety concern to local residents.
HARRISBURG - Legislation introduced by Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny) and Rep. Bill Kortz (D-Allegheny), which would protect hunters who turn themselves into the Game Commission after mistakenly taking an animal, has passed the House unanimously, 192-0.
HARRISBURG – The CARE (Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable) Act, designed to aid the more than 1.6 million Pennsylvanians who care for older loved ones, is now in effect, according to Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny), the author of the law.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny) today announced he will serve on the House Education, Judiciary, Game and Fisheries, and Insurance committees during the new session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
ALLISON PARK – Reps. Hal English (R-Allegheny) and Bill Kortz (D-Allegheny) today said that they have introduced legislation aimed at not penalizing ethical hunters who self-report a mistaken kill. Specifically, the bill will remove the threat of a license suspension for those truthful hunters who make an honest mistake and then contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission, turn in the animal and plead guilty to the offense.
HARRISBURG – Legislation designed to support senior citizens and their family caregivers by keeping ailing residents in their own home longer has been approved by the House, after changes by the Senate, said the bill’s author, Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny). The bill is known as the Caregiver Advise, Record and Enable Act and was passed this week by the state Senate.
HARRISBURG – In an effort to help alleviate funding problems being encountered by Commonwealth social services and school districts in Allegheny County and elsewhere, Rep. Hal English (R-Allegheny) voted in favor of final passage of several bills that can release funds that are already available in the treasury.